How Fee-only Financial Planning Works

You know your personal financial advisor gets paid. They run a business, after all. Have you ever had a discussion with your personal financial advisor about how he or she makes a living? Do you know the differences in compensation types for financial planners? In this post, we’ll look at how fee-only financial planning works, describe the pros and cons and share questions you can ask your financial planner.


Greg Pierce on Investment Strategy & Portfolio Review

Transcript: The markets right now are screaming portfolio review because most people’s portfolios carry way more risk today than even January of this year. Just look at where the markets have gone and how far things have run. Fact: Market changes can introduce risk.


Be an Active Participant in Your Portfolio’s Financial Investment Health

As a physician, you have an expectation that your patients and their families will be actively involved in their own health care and take responsibility for following your advice—or advocating for an alternative approach. Even the best doctor cannot make good progress on a case if the patient remains disengaged or defiant. Specialized financial planning for physicians is just as critical to maintaining financial health.


4 Reasons Women are Wise Investors

There are myriad articles and financial presentations on how and why women may arrive at retirement with less money than their male counterparts. As a society, women earn approximately 80 cents per every dollar a man earns – in part because they are more likely take time off during crucial earning years to raise children or care for elderly relatives. As a result, women sock away fewer overall dollars than men. If you’re reading this and feeling down, wait. There’s more!


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