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Financial Planning for Women

Retirement Planning for Women is Only the Beginning

As a woman, you are likely to face different financial challenges than men, including:

  • Divorce/Separation: In many marriages, women delegate financial planning responsibilities to their husbands, while they take on responsibilities for raising children and maintaining the household. A divorce or separation forces many women to go it alone financially, determining how to settle property as part of a divorce, develop a budget and plan for retirement.
  • Widowhood: The death of a husband forces a wife to take over money management, settle a husband’s estate and return to work, all while grieving. Each of these new financial responsibilities come up during times of extreme stress.
  • Time in the Workforce: Because they spend less time in the workforce to care for children and parents, some women earn less income and retirement savings over the course of their careers than men. In combination with a divorce, separation or death, this creates a unique financial challenge for women.
  • Earning Less: Research shows many women don’t negotiate pay. (In one study, 7% of women attempted to negotiate a salary offer, while 57% of men did.) Over time, the salary gap between men and women becomes significant, and this gap matters for women as they transition to retirement.
  • Longer Retirement: Women, on average, live longer than men. This longevity creates a need for more retirement savings.

Pair these unique challenges with a startling statistic. Only 19 percent of U.S. women report financial confidence. Clearly, most financial advisors aren’t meeting the needs of female investors. At Windward Wealth Strategies, we recognize that financial planning for women is unique.

That’s why Windward Wealth’s financial planning for women takes these special characteristics into consideration. We specialize in helping women reach their financial objectives in wealth preservation, retirement, budgeting, tax planning and wealth transfer. The unique needs of female investors should be respected and met with unique financial products and services.

Financial Planning for Women: Natural Investment Instincts

Many women have a knack for personal financial planning and investing. Women’s natural tendencies make them more likely to:

  • Buy and hold
  • Ask for help
  • Build a long-term relationship
  • Take an interest in causes and community
  • Ask for investments that fit their social interests

A Windward advisor will assure you that this long-haul approach is a winning way to build wealth, regardless of gender. In addition, women tend to focus on investment goals, such as retirement or funding college, which allow them to know when enough is enough.

While women experience special obstacles in personal financial planning, a Windward advisor can help bring out your natural investing instincts. Our advisors take the opportunity to play to your strengths when we conduct financial planning for women interviews, plan development and portfolio analysis. Our goal is to turn wealth management into an empowering — instead of intimidating — experience for female investors.

Family and Charity: Values Throughout the Financial Planning Process

Because women tend to be natural givers and caregivers, their personal financial planning often extends to family and charitable giving. Women seek a financial advisor who will help them align their financial resources with the meaning and purpose of their lives.

A Windward Wealth Strategies advisor can help female investors express their dreams, values and philanthropy in their portfolio. We can help you make your financial investments a reflection of what you believe in.

Set Your Destiny with Our Unique Approach to Financial Planning for Women

We recognize that women are not a monolithic market of investors. Each woman deserves unique strategies for her unique situation. Let’s get to work on a long-term plan to build your wealth on your timeline, for your goals, in your risk tolerance.

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