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Retirement Planning

Planning for Retirement Gets Personal

Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a snowbird, have your heart set on downsizing or anything in between, smart retirement planning will help get you there.

When you partner with Windward Wealth Strategies to build your retirement plan, we listen to create a strategy that reflects your personality, beliefs and vision for tomorrow. The results: A retirement plan fully customized to meet your unique needs.

Retirement Planning Process: Hands On and Easy to Understand

We know that the greatest fear many people have is running out of money in retirement. That’s why our process is purposeful and holistic, helping ensure all the angles of your financial well-being are considered.

Step 1: Retirement Roadmap

By understanding your ideal retirement scenario (What do you want to do, and where you want to do it? Who will be at your side, and when does your next chapter start?), we can build your retirement roadmap.

Step 2: Portfolio Analysis

Next, we’ll conduct a portfolio analysis.  With your financials examined and retirement roadmap in hand, we’ll help you project the amount you’ll need to save for retirement. Together we explore your options:

  • Retire early or work a little longer?
  • Increase savings or buy that vacation property?
  • Fund a charitable legacy or travel the world?

Step 3: Cash Flow Planning

Once we’ve completed a portfolio analysis, we’ll conduct cash flow planning. Unlike many financial advisors, we take a look at both short-term and long-term needs. With effective cash flow planning, we will help you allocate your current financial resources to help you manage your cash flow as you near retirement. The advantage of this approach is that you can be sure you can meet your cash flow needs, allowing your long-term retirement funds to serve your long-term needs.

Step 4: Custom Financial Strategy

Finally, we’ll build a custom investment strategy designed to balance your risk tolerance and future income requirements. We’re realistic about rates of return on your investments to ensure your dream retirement has the best opportunity to come true.

Step 5: On-going Check-ins

Count on regular follow-up meetings  to review your progress. These meetings have several purposes.

  • First, we’ll discuss how the market is affecting your plan.
  • Next, we’ll check in to determine whether any changing life events will alter the trajectory of your plan.

If your income or expenses have changed, or if you have a new adventure you’re excited to pursue, contact the Windward Wealth Strategies team. Together we’ll adjust your retirement roadmap accordingly, making sure you stay on course.

Retirement Planning: Developing Your Roadmap

Many elements go into retirement planning. Windward Wealth Strategies advisors cover each one and explain why it matters to your retirement wealth. Special considerations include:

  • Timeline for Retirement Age: Your current age and expected retirement age provide a timeline for financial action. Conventional wisdom finds he longer the timeline, the more risk your portfolio can take on. We’ll help you evaluate your timeline’s impact on your retirement plan.
  • After-Tax Rate of Return: Setting expectations for a reasonable rate of return on investments is critical for predicting retirement income. What’s more, your tax status will affect future wealth as well. Windward Wealth Advisors will talk with you about return on investments and tax status, to identify the impact of these items on your retirement planning.
  • Portfolio Allocation: Just as spending objectives and risk tolerance drive the proportion of assets in your portfolio, so do the financial needs on the horizon For example, if your roadmap includes sending a child to college, your portfolio allocation should reflect that. (Fixed expenditures such as college tuition should be funded with low-risk investments.) We’ll talk with you about financial events that may impact your retirement roadmap.

Every situation is unique and has special considerations. Attentive investment risk management will help ensure your financial security for years to come.

Personal Retirement Planning that Evolves with You

When managing something as important as your retirement planning, you deserve a relationship driven by accountability. That’s why we provide more than an annual check-in or statements by mail. Our goal is to bring proactive investment risk management to retirement planning, reviewing and suggesting new financial strategies and tactics that reflect your risk tolerance.

Whether you prefer regular planning sessions or occasional, as-needed check-ins, our team is available at any time to review your retirement goals and strategy. Depend on us to stay in touch with new ideas customized for your needs.

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