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Wealth Management

Wealth Management Services for Your Unique Goals

Whether you’ve built your wealth over time or you’ve come into family inheritance, you face unique challenges: managing and growing your wealth, preserving it for the next generation, leaving a legacy or making a charitable impact.

As a wealth management firm, Windward Wealth advisors’ goals are to build and sustain clients’ wealth. We advise on all aspects of your unique financial life: saving for retirement, paying a mortgage, funding education and more.

We get that major financial issues that surround your family, livelihood and vision for the future can be emotionally charged. Our wealth managers provide calming balance, offering high-level insight and fact-based decision-making.

What is Wealth Management?

Will I have enough resources to last throughout your lifetime? Will I be able to take care of your children or family? Can I leave a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime? Have I planned for significant life events?

These are just a few of the questions that can be answered through the wealth management process. That’s because wealth management services include financial planning, investment selection and management and private asset management in consultation with your other accounting, tax and legal advisors.

Wealth management differs from, but is related to, investment management. While wealth management takes a holistic approach, investment management involves buying and selling investments, such as stocks, bonds and real estate, within a portfolio. As a wealth management firm that offers investment management services, Windward Wealth advisors can both manage your portfolio and zoom out to offer insight on all areas of your financial health.

Windward-Wealth-Strategies-Wealth-Management-Graphic.jpgCoordinating Your Wealth Management Team

Some clients enjoy captaining their own wealth management team. Others prefer to delegate that work to a trusted advisor who will coordinate with legal, accounting, bank, insurance and other investment advisors on your behalf. When you ask a Windward Wealth advisor to coordinate with other advisors, we will ensure your wealth partners are providing each other with information needed for decision-making.

You get the big picture of your wealth through a central channel—your Windward advisor.

Our Wealth Management Approach

Our wealth management philosophy is to offer a client-centered mix of financial products and services for your unique goals. Here’s how it works:


We start with an interview. The questions we ask help us learn what’s important to you — and why.

  • What can I do to ensure I will have enough resources to last throughout your lifetime?
  • Will I be able to take care of your children or family?
  • What type of legacy can I leave to benefit a cause or community?
  • Will I be ready for significant life events?
  • What can I do to positively change my tax situation?
  • Do I have the right amount of insurance?

We want to be sure your objectives drive decision-making. In the interview, we cover all the bases, from basic portfolio management to comprehensive wealth strategies.

Investment Management

A portfolio analysis identifies your assets and helps us calculate your current and projected rate of return. This provides a great benchmark for financial planning. Once we have a clear picture of your financial situation and objectives, we review financial services and products. Your advisor will clearly explain the pros and cons of each.

Proactive Check-ins

As life evolves, your goals may change. That’s why we proactively check in with you to discover and rediscover how life’s changes may impact your existing wealth plan. By regularly reviewing and rebalancing your financial portfolio, we can make course adjustments based on your evolving goals, market changes or opportunities to bring cost-effective products into the mix to drive performance.

Windward provides insight and context throughout the wealth management process. You are in control as we help you navigate toward your goals.

Wealth Management Ally for the Long Haul

Your Windward Wealth Strategies advisors are available for conversation any time. To earn our place as your lifelong wealth advisor, we practice proactive customer service with passion.

We help you preserve your wealth, treating your goals as if they were our own. We measure our success by your success.

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