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Financial Planning

Shape Your Financial Future to Grow Your Wealth.

New job. Marriage. Family. Kids starting college. Starting a business. Buying a second home. Making a significant charitable gift. Selling a business. Ensuring you have enough money to retire.

Life happens. As your life changes, your financial needs will evolve. That’s why your financial planning must evolve, too. Financial planning helps you respond to life’s changes to family, investments, risk management and unexpected events, to name a few.

The goal of Windward’s financial planning services is to put your finances to work for you. We’ll learn about your financial goals, identify upcoming life changes and propose financial strategies to help get you where you need to go.

From charitable giving to estate planning, your goals and needs shape the services we’ll use to help you get there.

Schedule A Financial Planning Consultation

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Financial Planning Process that Grows with You

Creating a customized financial plan starts with understanding your goals. Together we review current financing needs and project long-term funding requirements. We take a holistic look at your financial story, past, present and future.

  • Do you have concerns about whether you can save enough for retirement with your current cash flow?
  • Will your current investments help you achieve your financial goals?
  • Will you be experiencing a life event (a change in career, purchase of a home, birth of a child or grandchild) that you are concerned whether will be able to do within your current cash flow?

To do this, we utilize some of the industry’s most powerful planning tools:

  • NaviPlan – We use this industry-leading financial planning tool to give you a snapshot of your current finances, project your probability for a successful retirement, reflect progress toward your education goals, conduct cash-flow planning, assess your insurance needs and describe long-term care coverage needs, Using a powerful financial forecasting engine, NaviPlan reports help you see where you stand in relationship to your financial goals. (View sample NaviPlan report.)
  • FinaMetrica – This 12-question risk profile tool allows us to determine your personal financial risk tolerance. Unlike other tools in the financial planning industry, FinaMetrica’s risk assessment report makes understanding your risk tolerance easy to understand. Using your FinaMetrica risk tolerance profile, your Windward Wealth advisor will conduct a portfolio analysis. Our goal: Determine whether your current investments put you on pace to meet your goals and reflect your risk tolerance. (View sample Finametrica report.)

Count on us for regular conversations about how things are going and what’s on the horizon for you. We stay in touch to nurture our long-term partnership and grow your wealth.

Special Considerations for Financial Planning

Life doesn’t come with a script. That means wealth creation and preservation must be fluid, too.  Your Windward Wealth advisor can help you navigate both planned (and unplanned) situations that may affect your financial planning:


  • Career Changes: If you’re considering a career change or anticipating a work event such as a forthcoming retirement, purchase of a company, distribution of stock options or sale of a business, your Windward Wealth advisor can help you prepare by creating scenarios to show you how these changes will affect your financial plan. You can then use that information to make financial decisions that are right for you.
  • Health Care: Surprise medical expenses can compromise savings. Financial planning can help ensure a safety net for expensive or unexpected medical needs.
  • Home Improvements: Whether it’s a luxury upgrade, an emergency repair or purchase of a second (or third) home, your Windward Wealth advisor can help you plan for these improvements.  Our goal is to help you develop savings strategies that provide the resources you need for a change of address or a change of style for your home.
  • Education Planning: Set aside money for school expenses, current classes or future plans. This major expense frequently is years in the making. If you have children or grandchildren you want to help get an education, your Windward Wealth advisor can help you determine how much money you’ll need to set aside and the best tools available to help you reach your goals.
  • Retirement Planning: Determine how much you’ll need and develop savings and investment plans to get you to retirement and manage your cash flow in retirement. We will listen to create a strategy that reflects your personality, beliefs and vision for tomorrow. The results: A retirement plan fully customized to meet your unique needs.

Financial Planning with a Personal Touch

By understanding how your life is changing, our advisors can help you identify the best ways to finance your long-term goals. We will help you weigh the pros and cons of all options so you can be confident in your financial planning decisions.

Whether it’s retirement planning or day-to-day spending, your plan will be fully customized to meet your unique needs. The strategy to save, invest and grow your money will be comprehensive and designed for you.

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