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executive wealth management

Executive Wealth Management

Executive Wealth Management for Your Priorities

As a successful executive, business owner or entrepreneurs, you are adept at recognizing growth opportunities for your organization. Yet, juggling the demands of an executive schedule may make it difficult for you to feel you can devote sufficient time to managing your personal wealth. Or, you may feel you’d benefit from having a strategic partner who can help you evaluate opportunities and determine whether they fit your goals.

That’s where Windward Wealth Strategies’ advisors can assist.

Executive Wealth Management Opportunities

Executives face unique wealth management challenges and opportunities:

Tax rates

Executives usually fall into the top tax brackets. We help you discover the correct mix of tax-advantaged accounts and investments to reduce tax burden, so you can put more of your wealth to work for you, your family or your community.

Risk tolerance

Business leaders and entrepreneurs have helped their businesses grow by taking risks. Yet, your business risk tolerance may differ from your personal wealth management risk tolerance. We help you recognize the optimal level of risk to achieve your financial goals.

Income statement vs. balance sheet

The instant gratification of revenue can overshadow the importance of sustained gains. We train executives to take the long view while celebrating present success.

Life balance

Executives have earned success through experience and hard work in a particular field or industry. While the same skills that made you successful as an executive can make you successful as an investor, time limitations may make it difficult to apply those skills. We’ve structured our wealth management services to help you achieve success without the significant time investment required to practice wealth management on their own.


An executive’s wealth may be invested in his or her organization. Through planning, we can help ensure you have enough liquidity in case of personal emergency.


Leaders have strong opinions about how to execute on their vision. This sense of ownership can lead to unintended burnout. We can help you remove day-to-day wealth management from your already overbooked life with concierge-level service designed to:

  • ensure your quarterly tax payments are made
  • coordinate income tax preparation with your accountant
  • distribute college tuition payments for children or grandchildren
  • pay property tax payments
  • and, more!

Time crunches

Having a lot of responsibilities calls for moving through tasks quickly. We practice executive wealth management in a way that facilitates efficient decision-making.


You’ve worked hard to build wealth. Whether you are retiring, selling a company or experiencing another life transition, we’ve gained experience in helping clients navigate these transitions and developing rich lives, so you can enjoy what you’ve built.


As an executive, business owner or entrepreneur, your financial situation is significantly more complex. If you have:

  • closely held stock
  • stock options
  • multiple homes
  • property in different states
  • deferred compensation

By working with you and your other financial advisors, we can help you build a wealth management plan and manage the complexity.

Personal and cyber security

Issues of personal or cyber security may weigh on your mind, based on concerns related to electronic assets. At Windward Wealth, our advisors will talk with you about strategies to protect yourself from cyber-crime.

Executive wealth management clients rely on Windward to provide efficient service and financial products. We look for ways to optimize our offerings and reduce waste—just as you do in your organization.

Our Emphasis in Executive Wealth Management

A good second-in-command helps make the noise go away for her high-level counterpart. That’s how you can view your Windward Wealth Strategies advisor during executive wealth management. Our goal is to ease decision making.

As a wealth management group that specializes in the meeting the needs of business leaders, Windward Wealth advisors helps executives:

  • Save money on their tax bill with favorable strategies. There are tax-advantaged accounts and investments that could relieve your burden. An advisor will identify opportunities unique to you during portfolio analysis.
  • Gain confidence with simple, low-maintenance options. There’s a good chance you’ve got more on your plate than the average investor. Windward will present efficient wealth management options in an easy-to-understand format, tailored for you.
  • Develop a liquidity plan. Together we’ll carefully untangle some of your personal wealth from the value of your organization. Think of this as putting on your oxygen mask before helping those around you.

These are just a handful of the ways Windward practices executive wealth management. The work we do with you will be customized to satisfy your financial needs.

Navigating Executive Wealth Management

The financial planning needs of executives are unique. Windward Wealth Strategies is a wealth management group that understands the challenges faced by business leaders and responds with thoughtful solutions.

You’ve captained growth in your organization. Let Windward Wealth Strategies be your navigator toward growth goals for personal wealth.

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