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Chart Your Course

To be windward is a rather advantageous position, especially on the water. Windward means the wind is at your back, and your destination is on the horizon. You are precisely on course. The wind is at your sails. When it comes to your goals and dreams, on course is precisely where you want to be.

The shore of Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin’s largest inland lake, is home to Windward Wealth Strategies, Inc. Our experienced wealth management team works with individuals, foundations and endowments, health care, corporate accounts and public funds to chart the course and keep financial futures clearly on track.

Here’s what makes us tick:

Our Clients

  1. Individual investors, including executives, physicians and women
  2. Foundations and endowments
  3. Corporate Accounts
  4. Public Funds

Our Services

  1. Retirement planning
  2. Financial planning
  3. Wealth management
  4. Institutional investing

To request a complimentary, one-hour consultation with a Windward Wealth Strategies advisor, please call (920) 230-2215.

Please do not use this form to share financial account or other confidential information.

Discover more about Windward Wealth Strategies: