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wealth management strategies

Wealth Management Strategies

Strategic Wealth Management Strategies at the Pace of Life

What’s on your ‘life list’? Do you want to:

  •  Retire early?
  •  Fund a charitable gift or family foundation?
  •  Save for your kids’ inheritance?
  •  Travel the world?
  •  Buy a vacation home?

At Windward Wealth Strategies, your dream is our directive. We want to know you better — your age, you career, your family, your interests and passions – so we can develop a financial plan to help you create the life you want.

By developing a deep, long-term relationship, we understand how to best help you manage your wealth with agility and restraint. Our goal: Develop measured wealth management strategies that reflect your personality and your evolving life.

Wealth Management Strategies for Your Life’s Chapters

Your financial goals and needs change through the years. Yet, one need remains constant. No one wants to enter a new life stage concerned they will run out of money. That’s why different stages of your life call for different wealth management strategies:


  • Wealth creation: Early in your career is the time to get finances organized, create a budget and open a retirement savings account. You’ll set a career trajectory, decide whether to rent or buy and establish money management plans (for example, joint or separate accounts) with a spouse.
  • Wealth stabilization: Mid-stream in your career is the time to buckle down on retirement savings, pay off debt and buy life insurance. You’ll also likely set financial expectations for adult children, update a will or replace your will with a trust and think about long-term care in your later years.
  • Wealth preservation: The end of your career is the time to take fewer financial risks, make sure your will and estate plans are current and lock in how you’ll cover expenditures in retirement using a mix of savings, Social Security and Medicare. This life stage segues into post-retirement planning and includes a career exit strategy, asset management and cash flow planning to help you stay within budget.

By helping you plan for the stage you are in and considering the stages you have yet to broach, Using this strategic wealth management approach, we’ll help you rebalance investments to stay on course, whatever that course may be.

Why Wealth Management Strategies Evolve

There are many reasons you need different wealth management strategies throughout your life. Here are a few of the big ones:

  • Retirement timeline: Today you’re one day closer to retirement than you were yesterday. Days turn into years. Years turn into decades. And, as time marches on, your wealth management strategies need new marching orders, too.
  • Wealth growth: The longer you work, the more you expect your income and savings to grow. As you build wealth, , you have more opportunities for investment and measured risk.
  • Life changes: Over time, your goals will evolve to align with each of life’s chapters. You’ll need wealth management strategies to address paying for college, improving your home, organizing your will, caring for aging parents, financing travel — and more.

Talk with a Windward wealth advisor about how strategic wealth management services could help you evolve your financial plans to reflect the life stage you’re in while planning for the life stages to come.

Our Strategic Wealth Management Services

To help you avoid investment underperformance, align investments with your goals, optimize your asset mix and balance your risk tolerance and returns, we follow a step-by-step strategic wealth management process.

Step 1: Understand Your Picture

Whether your wealth is inherited or new, your family large or small, you have favorite charities or favorite hobbies, we want to get the total picture of your life. This lay of the land enables us to build a framework for strategic wealth management. Without this audit, we cannot grow upon what you already have or know what you want to protect.

Step 2: Discuss Your Goals

As we begin to understand the picture of your life, we’ll also learn your wealth objectives. These goals will be the touchstone for all wealth management strategies.

Step 3: Set Performance Expectations

At Windward, we strive for a culture of accountability and transparency. Measuring investment performance helps us understand where we stand in building your wealth to achieve your dreams. You and your advisor will determine performance metrics based on your goals.

Step 4: Develop Solutions

Based on our understanding of your finances and your goals, your Windward advisor will help you develop simple solutions for strategic wealth management. You need flexibility to change and personalize products and services as your goals evolve.

Step 5: Understand Risk

Understanding your risk is an essential component to recommending wealth management strategies that help you achieve your financial goals. For some clients, this may mean mitigating financial risks. For others, this may mean entertaining greater risk to match the goals you hope to achieve. Our experience helps us know which risks you may want afford to take — and when to take them.

Personality-Driven Wealth Management Strategies

We match our services and products to your personality and goals. Your current finances tell part of the story of where we should go next on your financial journey. Your comfort and understanding, however, are more critical elements when helping you set a course for achieving your personal dreams.

While this is a common refrain in the marketplace, we deliver on this promise by working with a limited number of clients. As a boutique firm, this is one of the things that truly sets us apart. If you are tired of receiving standardized products and services or having to chase your wealth manager, we invite you to contact us to learn more.

Throughout our wealth management process, you will find our goal is to help you strategically manage your wealth with grace and peace of mind. To this end, expect your Windward advisor to provide frequent communication and to demonstrate deep understanding of who you are and where you’re going.

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