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portfolio analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Set Your Course with an Investment Portfolio Analysis

You can dream it.

Travel. Early retirement. A cottage on the lake. Children with a college education. A legacy of charitable gifts.

But, without the portfolio to back those dreams, they may never become real. At Windward Wealth Strategies, we believe in the importance of setting goals and aligning investment to reach those goals. Portfolio analysis allows us to align your investments with your dreams, matching investment return and risk characteristics with your goals.

Why Portfolio Analysis Matters

When you have goals you want to achieve, your most valuable tool is a personalized investment policy statement. Unlike many wealth managers, your Windward Wealth advisor will craft an investment policy statement specifically for you. Our goal in doing this is to two-fold:

  1. By articulating your specific goals within an investment framework, we can remain disciplined in developing and managing your portfolio, even as markets change.
  2. By discussing specific opportunities and scenarios, we can ensure we have a shared understanding of opportunities to capitalize on in your portfolio.

The benefit of developing an investment policy statement is that it takes emotion out of managing your portfolio, reducing the likelihood fear or greed will derail your plans. It’s one more way that Windward Wealth makes your goals the center of all we do.

How We Conduct a Portfolio Analysis


To achieve your dreams, your portfolio can’t run on autopilot. With a portfolio analysis, we can help determine whether your investments are aligned with your goals. When conducting an investment portfolio analysis, your Windward Wealth Strategies’ advisor will: :

  • Update your goals. A discovery interview will help us determine what you want your investments to achieve: funding college, generating a higher retirement income, purchasing a lake cottage, etc.
  • Determine whether your assets’ performance will support your goals. Together we measure asset progress against goals. We discover whether to aim for increased returns, higher contributions — or something else altogether.
  • Rebalance your assets in alignment with your goals. We will rebalance assets to make sure your portfolio has the correct mix. Asset allocation should reflect your risk tolerance. We’ll also get rid of underperformers.
  • Be sure you’ve structured your accounts to take care of those you love. Having direct beneficiaries for all investment accounts will keep them from passing through your estate and incurring unnecessary costs in the event of your death.
  • Simplify where possible to make your financial life easier. Consider transferring existing accounts — IRAs, 403(b)s and 401(k)s — to make them easier to manage.

The most exciting part of portfolio analysis is choosing investments. Your advisor will project the expected risk and return of different asset classes — equities, fixed income, cash equivalents, real estate and commodities — as you work though asset allocation.

The major factors that determine asset allocation include:

  • What you want to achieve and what you are willing to risk
  • How much money (liquid assets) you need to live now and in the future
  • Amount of time you have to invest and allow your money to grow
  • Factors that could reduce your tax burden

A Windward advisor will help you understand the types of assets available to you, and together you’ll develop a portfolio allocation strategy. Windward specializes in designing equity and fixed-income strategies to help you meet your goals.Your personality, risk tolerance and dreams ultimately will drive asset decisions during portfolio analysis. You advisor will listen to your needs and offer candid insight as you make choices.

Portfolio Analysis and Taxes

A thorough portfolio analysis requires tax planning. At Windward, we encourage our clients to take the long view on taxes. Throughout portfolio analysis and planning, we focus on returns at the end of your timeline — after tax and transaction costs.

Through this planning, our goal is to make your tax burden less burdensome. Your Windward Wealth advisor can help you evaluate tax-friendly accounts and investments that may help you defer and/or pay fewer taxes:

  • Retirement accounts: IRAs (Traditional and Roth), 401(k)s, 403(b)s and Keogh plans
  • Educational accounts: Coverdell and 529 plans
  • Tax-advantaged investments: Municipal bonds, exchange-traded funds, master limited partnerships and real estate

Your tax strategy will be unique to you — just like your portfolio allocation strategy. The accounts and investments we choose together will align with your dreams and must be regularly evaluated for performance.

Dynamic Portfolio Management

After completing your portfolio analysis, your Windward Wealth advisor will monitor and rebalance. We’ll actively watch returns and risks (monitoring) and make changes based on your evolving personal goals and fluctuating market conditions.

It’s tempting to focus only on returns during portfolio analysis. Your Windward advisor, however, encourages you to measure performance against progress toward your financial dreams. This long view will help prevent premature investment decisions.

At Windward, we strive to balance wealth preservation with growth. Our aim is to exceed your investment objectives with a consistent, conservative, long-term approach. An investment portfolio analysis puts you on the right course for long-term financial security.

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