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Transparent and Simple Fees from a Fee-only Financial Planner

As a fee-only financial planner, Windward Wealth Strategies is committed to providing transparency with all our fees and services. And we also focus on efficiently managing your investment administration and trading costs, as well as your tax liability. With us, you will only pay a single fee for all wealth management services, based on the total amount of investable assets you have with us.

 What is a fee-only financial planner?

At Windward Wealth Strategies, we want you to know that we are acting with your best interest in mind. Here’s how we do that:

  • Conflict of interest: To avoid a conflict of interest, fee-only financial planners do not accept commissions or compensation from vendors or our partners. That means our fees are based solely on the assets you invest with us. We aren’t receiving kick-backs or incentives based on products sales.
  • Independent decision-making: At Windward Wealth Strategies, we value independent decision-making. For your benefit, there are no favorite or preferred investments — only the investments we identify based on your unique situation.
  • Outside custodians: We also invite you to appoint an outside custodian to safeguard your assets. We’ve negotiated relationships with two of the industry’s best-known investment managers, allowing you to capitalize on highly competitive custodial and trading costs.

The way we structure our fees allows us to always be on your side of the table. Your cost is the same whether your assets are cash, treasury bonds, mutual funds or more.

 How We Manage Your Assets

You have the choice of either selecting Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab to hold your assets. Or, you may select your own custodian. If you choose Fidelity or Schwab, your account is available online at all times and you will receive a monthly statement.

To learn more about our fee-based financial planning approach, call (920) 230-2215 and request a complimentary consultation.

Please do not use this form to share financial account or other confidential information.

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