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Investment Management

Investment Management Aligned with a Personalized Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Wealth Management Approach

You’ve set your financial goals. Whether you want to retire early, buy a business, send children or grandchildren to college, give back to a cause or community you care about or purchase a second home, you have your eye on the prize. You’ve developed a financial plan to get you there. Now, the real work begins.

Financial planning, retirement planning and wealth management are not a one-and-done event. They require on-going investment management that ensures your portfolio’s performance remains aligned with your life goals.

At Windward Wealth Strategies, we listen to your dreams, customize a roadmap for your finances and manage your asset investments with those dreams in mind.


Schedule An Investment Management Consultation

Our wealth management advisors take a personalized approach to your investment management. Fill out the form below or call us at (920) 230-2215.
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Investment Manage Approach

Investment management involves buying and selling investments, such as stocks, bonds and real estate, within a portfolio. We serve clients through asset management, coordinating investments to meet financial goals.

Our investment management goal is to exceed your investment objectives with a personalized, long-term approach. Your investment portfolio is as unique as your goals. We help you choose the investments that most align with your current income needs and ideal future state. At Windward Wealth Strategies, your investment management advisor may consult on:

  • Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Closely-held stock and alternative assets
  • Real estate holdings
  • Insurance policies
  • And, more!

To help ensure our investment management approach meets your investment objectives, we’ll work with you to craft an investment policy statement. This document outlines your objectives and risk tolerances and is completely personalized to your situation. We use this document as our guiding force when selecting and recommending investments to you. (See a sample investment policy statement.)

Expect a regular review of your portfolio. We rebalance the investment mix as necessary to keep you on course for your immediate and long-term goals. On this financial voyage, our goal is to earn your business for the long term.

High Standards for Investment Management Partners

When it comes to investment management, Windward is different. All external fund managers are put through an extensive due-diligence process, which includes on-site visits and committee review.

External fund managers must demonstrate a proven ability to perform, commitment to risk management and a congruent investment culture. Our research and tough standards drive our selection of investment management partners.

Agile Investment Management for Your Life

Your advisor will share fresh ideas in investment management as your financial life and goals shift. We will be in touch with new products and services for you to review.

Windward invites you to contact us any time with investment management questions and updates to your objectives. As your wealth grows, so will our understanding of what drives you, and we will improve our service as your trusted financial partner.

To learn more about our investment management approach or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Windward Wealth Strategies advisor, please call (920) 230-2215.

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