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Kim Molitor & Cass Knight Featured in Women Magazine

Kim Molitor-Women MagazineWindward Wealth Strategies’ very own Kim Molitor and Cass Knight have been featured in Women Magazine multiple times over the last couple months. Most notably, you’ll find Kim on the cover of the July issue featuring an article titled Financial Focus — Kim Molitor, Windward Wealth Strategies, Inc., Takes a Personalized Approach (pg 18). The article outlines Windward’s personalized approach to wealth management, retirement, budgeting, tax planning and wealth transfer.

Molitor describes her clients as an extended family, so her team will go above and beyond the normal realm of duties as financial planners. She adds, “Our clients can call anyone in our office for help on various matters — even those that might not involve their investments.

Don’t miss out on her insight in the efforts Windward is taking to bring the Bucks D-League team to Oshkosh.

Windward Wealth Strategies is known for bringing unique investment opportunities to its clients. So, when the news that the Milwaukee Bucks franchise was looking to expand to include an official minor league team in the state, the financial planners got involved in hopes of bringing the team to Oshkosh. “Over our careers, we have worked with a number of professional athletes. My partner Greg would review various business and sports opportunities on behalf of our athletes. He’s also an avid sports fan,” says Molitor.

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In the June issue, Kim was quoted in the article titled 7 Tips to Building Long-Term Wealth (page 24) in addition to images of her participation in The Power of the Purse event held by The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund in May. Check out June’s issue of Women Magazine issue here.