Rebalancing Market Volatility

Over the course of the last four days, we’ve seen volatility that the markets haven’t experienced since 2011. All of us at Windward Wealth Strategies have been in the financial service business long enough to have experienced numerous business cycles, and this late-stage bull market volatility is not atypical.


Women’s Natural Tendencies Help Them Invest Smarter

Kim Molitor: Relationship Manager

When you are working with women, trust is probably the most important aspect of the client relationship.

Women are Naturally Better Investors

Women are good planners and they’re good at investments. They tend to form a relationship first, they like to ask questions, which is all very helpful when planning.

How Do Women’s Investment Habits Outperform Men’s?

I think women and their investments are more likely to succeed. They tend to think things through, ask questions, listen and stay on course. By following those things they probably will outperform another man’s portfolio.


Decoding Financial Advisor Commission

When you work with a financial advisor, you deserve to know how they are paid for their services. When talking with your financial advisor about compensation, it’s useful to understand the three prevalent models in the industry.


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