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Endowments & Foundations

Mission-guided investment for endowments and foundations

Endowments and foundations are as diverse as their missions—social, educational, environmental and more. Each has different risk tolerances and different investment beliefs.

And, the needs of different organizations also are shaped by size, regulation and efforts by peers. Cookie-cutter investment solutions don’t spell success.

At Windward Wealth Strategies, your unique cause is becomes are cause as we develop strategies together. We are committed to making sure you have enough resources to continue your good works for years to come.

We help endowments and foundations create customized financial strategies that stay true to their individual missions. A Windward advisor can help:

  • Understand where your portfolio is, at any point in time
  • Determine if your portfolio is in the right place, based on your mission and goals
  • Optimize the position of your portfolio, including shifting asset allocation as necessary

Endowments and foundations balance funding a mission with preserving (and growing) that same funding. In a changing market environment, they’re also responsible for ensuring that the mission has the right talent and resources to move forward. It’s a lot to take on.

Our partnership with endowments and foundations

In a way, financial resources aren’t really “owned” by endowments and foundations. Instead, these entities are good stewards of dollars that are destined for greater things—to make a difference.

The Windward team looks at the following elements when guiding endowments and foundations:

  • Portfolio strategies: Everything we do is with the long term in mind. Decisions are made knowing that returns are for the benefit of future generations.
  • Asset allocation: Growing the value of your investments is about finding the right mix. Together, we’ll find the right balance.
  • Risk management: The amount of risk you take on is driven by your goals and timeline. Returns help tell your risk story.

Providing financial insight to endowments and foundations requires us to ask some important questions, including:

  • How can we put your resources to their best use?
  • How can we optimize a portfolio for consistent, risk-adjusted returns?
  • How can we better meet your organization’s financial needs?

Risk management and endowments and foundations

Endowments and foundations are in it for the long haul. To this end, a proactive risk management strategy is necessary to grow and preserve your financial resources.

A Windward Wealth advisor will help you understand the risk-reward balancing act when it comes to your investment portfolio. Together, we will choose financial products that meet your appetite for risk and provide a return that keeps your mission on track.

As your organization creates value for underserved communities, we aim to help you create financial value through investments. We listen to understand your mission, and we make it your own. We value investing in our communities to help them take on challenges.

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