Taxes Matter: Capital Gains Tax

“My Investment Account Lost Money and I still have to pay Taxes on the Capital Gains?” Is this a frequent question you receive from High Net Worth Clients? Your clients just need a firm that emphasizes tax efficiency. Managing Taxes is not difficult to do. Here’s why….


Masters Tournament® Lessons For Financial Planning

I had the privilege of attending the Masters Tournament® in Augusta, GA this past week, definitely not as a participant, but as a “patron”. It’s not the first time I’ve been there, but as a golfer and enthusiast, every time is special and unique. They’ve changed a few things since I last attended seven years ago.


Win by Not Losing: Unemotional Investment Management

A portfolio is a group of assets set aside for some need or spending in the future. The ultimate achievement for any portfolio is to meet the end goals by taking the least amount of risk needed to get the results required. This philosophy leads to having a large core part of your portfolio be all weather long term holdings that hold up well in rough markets.


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