Understanding Risk Tolerance in Wealth Management

Deb Allison-Aasby: Financial Planner and Relationship Manager talks about assessing risk tolerance

When we take a look at their current investments, we have to make sure that whatever their risk tolerant is we understand that. Whether they are very risk conservative or risky, we need to understand so we know what investments are appropriate for them.

If they are incredibly risk tolerant and their portfolio isn’t moving, they’re going to be very frustrated. If they are risk adverse and there is all types of fluctuations going on in their statements that they are receiving monthly or quarterly, and they are feeling nervous and it is causing them to not sleep at night, we know those investments aren’t right for them.

So, that’s our goal, to make sure it is a good fit and that we are identifying what is happening in the market today and anticipating what is happening in the future and trying to have protection in those portfolios.


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